Private Label

Specializing in Private Label


The Onion Crock in Grand Rapids, MI specializes in medium and small chain stores. Whether you want soup, sauce, dips, or side dishes, we can duplicate your product with the consistency that is needed each and every time. Your customer will receive the same high-quality product that they have come to expect no matter which location they are in. Our private labeling minimums are small and we handle them efficiently.

We offer quality, consistency, and convenience. With employment cost rising constantly, we can help keep them under control. We can maintain smaller minimums to fit the medium and small chain stores.

Private Labeling — Step by Step Procedures

  1. Provide a Confidentiality Letter for the Onion Crock to sign if wanted.
  2. Send over a recipe with detailed procedures.
  3. Onion Crock will provide a per ounce cost estimate.
  4. The customer will give permission to proceed based on the per ounce cost estimate or will decide against it because of pricing expense.
  5. Once the customer gives our company permission, the customer will provide samples of the product for our comparison during the development process.  Any contact information that is required to procure any special ingredients.
  6. Once a sample is developed, Onion Crock will ship a sample for the Customer to approve.
  7. The customer needs to give as much feedback as possible.
  8. If needed, the Onion Crock will then make any adjustments that are necessary and put together another batch so another sample can be sent.
  9. Once the Customer and the Onion Crock feel as though the recipe is reasonably close, the Onion Crock will start increasing the batch size. Approximately a 20-gallon batch will be made and a sample will be sent for approval.
  10. Once approved, a 60-gallon batch is produced and another sample sent to the customer for approval.
  11. This is the time the customer needs to finalize the distributor that is going to be distributing the product. The distributor needs to get each product set up into their system. This could take up to four weeks.
  12. Once the sample is approved, the final125 gallon batch is produced and a sample sent to the customer. Once approved, the product is ready to go into production.
  13. At this point, Onion Crock is ready to fill a purchase order from the distributor. The Private Labeling process cost is $175.00 which covers R & D, shipping of samples, etc.