Our Elaborate Menu


Cheesy Broccoli

Our own Cheddar Cheeses adds zest to this cream soup. Loaded with full size broccoli florets.   

Cheezy Chowder

An abundance of our own Onion Crock cheddar cheese with potatoes, green peppers and other vegetables. If you like cheddar cheese, this one is a must. Available in pints.

Chicken and Dumplings (Made to Order)

A smooth chicken broth with vegetables, surrounded by lots of chicken pieces. Tender morsels of potato dumplings are also found in generous supply. A real winner!

Chicken Tortilla (Made to Order)

A popular Soup with Exploding Flavor. Loaded with enough ingredients to only consider another bowl. Enough to give your taste buds a run for their money. Sometimes available in pints.

Chili Caliente

In response to your requests, here is a chili with a bang. It’s top of the line! Principal ingredients are tomato products and ground beef.Available in pints.

Egg Noodle Chicken

A cream base soup with generous chunks of random cut chicken and homemade
egg noodles. Available in pints.

French Onion

This soup is our specialty. A harmonious blend of spices and onions for that unique beefy flavor. Available in pints.

Green Pea with Ham

If you like pea soup this will become a favorite. A rich creamy broth with random cut ham. Available in pints.

Homestyle Chicken

Pasta in a rich chicken broth surrounded by vegetables and an abundance of random cut chicken.

Homestyle Tomato

A cream of tomato soup like Mom used to make — We add a few veggies and some spices to give it a little zip. Available in pints.

Hunters Hodgepodge with Beef

Similar to a lite chili – less spicy; Lots of healthy vegetables and ground beef make this soup a real winner. Available in pints.

Husky Vegetarian (Made to Order)

Twelve fiber-rich vegetables and a special spice blend make this a delicious 100% vegetarian soup. It is so-o-o good, you are tempted to say “where’s the beef”.

Italian Meatball (Wedding Soup) (Made to Order)

Spicy Italian meat balls surrounded by Orzo pasta and a touch of spinach make this a interesting and popular soup. It has a deep rich beefy flavor. Available in pints.

Long-Grain Turkey Rice

Fresh turkey is plentiful in this popular creation. Select spices and some veggies add a distinct flavor profile. Available in pints.


A savory Italian blend of beans, and wholesome vegetables in a tomato base. Has Ditalini Pasta and a small amount of bacon for flavor. Available in pints.

New England Clam Chowder

A rich creamy chowder with chopped clams. For a little different twist we add some whole kernel corn.

Northern Bean with Ham

Everyone enjoys a good bean soup. Try this one and you’re hooked ! Yes, lots of random cut ham. Available in pints.

Potato Bacon Soup

A savory potato soup with a tad of bacon for flavor and home-style egg noodles.

Stuffed Pepper

A soup with great flavor. Filled with large quantities of Green Peppers and Ground Beef. All in a great Tomato Broth.

White Bean Chicken Chili

The spices give this chili a unique flavor profile. It is fast becoming a favorite with
our customers. Available in pints.

Beefy Tomato (Made to Order)

A rich tomato soup with a few vegetables and lots of ground beef.

Southwestern Chicken (Made to Order)

This is our answer to a little spicier chicken soup. In addition to some veggies it has some Great Northern beans, Pinto and Red kidney beans. A little different but very good. Lots
of flavor. Sometimes available in pints.

Brewers Cheese Ale (Made to Order)

Unique Cheese Soup. Using Onion Crock’s own Cheddar Cheese with a splash of Beer, Bacon and Vegetables. This soup you will not forget. Sometimes available in pints.

Other Soups

  • Black Bean/Corn
  • Brazilian Seafood Chowder
  • Cream of Asparagus
  • Cream of Cauliflower
  • Hearty Kielbasa Cabbage
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Russian Borscht
  • Manhattan Clam Chowder
  • Mushroom
  • Seafood Delight

We make these as a special order.


Our sauces are a great way to enhance your already delicious offerings.